What is NightOwl?

NightOwl is the most cost-effective way to maximize security on any construction site.

Whether it acts as an outright replacement of an on-site security guard, or as an additional layer of security, NightOwl will significantly improve your site security, saving you time, money and sleep.

Completely wireless installation

NightOwl is a completely wireless video alarm system that requires no electricity, telephone lines or internet connection and can be easily expanded or contracted as your security needs change.

Motion activated wireless cameras

Anytime that motion is detected on your site, NightOwl cameras send a ten-second video alarm to Provident Security's 24/7 Operations Centre (located in Vancouver).

Our Operators immediately view the video clip to look for any sign of an unauthorized person onsite. If the alarm was caused by a person, our operator will dispatch the Police requesting immediate response to a VERIFIED burglary in progress. If the video alarm shows that the motion detector was tripped by a raccoon or other animal, the alarm will be cleared and the system will automatically reset.

Add wireless smoke detection

In addition to theft and burglary detection, NightOwl can also be expanded to include wireless smoke detectors allowing you to maintain complete fire and theft detection on your site without the need for telephone lines, a traditional alarm system or anything else.

Simple installation, low cost, zero risk

There are no installation fees... all you pay is a weekly rental rate for the equipment that you use. A basic two (2) camera NightOwl system starts as low as $160.00 per week and includes installation, programming, monitoring and removal. Additional cameras, smoke detectors and other alarm devices are all rentable on a week-to-week basis and offer complete flexibility at the lowest possible cost.

Seeing is believing

The best way to determine if NightOwl is a good fit for you is to see it in action.

Click here to watch video clips that show exactly how NightOwl works as well as show the system in action.

We would also be happy to come to your site to give you an in-person demonstration of exactly what NightOwl looks like, how the video alarms work and how easily it can be implemented. All we would need is 15 minutes of your time.

Alternatively if you want to see how the entire NightOwl alarm process works in person, come and visit us in our Kerrisdale showroom. We will give you a short demonstration as well as tour you through our state of the art central monitoring station so that you can see exactly how much goes on behind the scenes to keep our client's sites safe.

Make an appointment today

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NightOwl Remote Video Alarm
Protect your site with motion activated, night vision cameras that send video alarms to Provident Security.
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